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Saturday, January 21, 2012


This year has been a great year of homeschooling. I feel that I am finally getting my groove on. Ella is in 5th grade, Rex in Kindergarten and Zeke in preschool. Ella is excelling in Math at an awesome rate. She gets that from her Dad's side of the family. I never did real well in Math. Her great uncle was even a High School Math teacher. She has only a few lessons left in the book and then she moves on to the next one which is designed for a 6/7 th grade level. Many of the lessons she is doing are the exact same things I was learning in college a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. At least I remember much of the teachings.

Rex is doing great! He is in Kindergarten technically, however a lot of his paperwork is 1st grade material. He is reading very well now and is able to work independently much of the time. I show him a few new concepts and he can do the rest on his own. This has freed up some of my time to work with Zeke.

Zeke is in preschool and learning the fundamentals. One of the fun things he gets to learn this year is reading site words. These are words that you cannot pronounce- like "the, a, etc". You just have to remember them. He has memorized his color words, yes and no and more. He is learning his phonics and doing awesome. Wow-this whipper snapper is going to keep me on my toes if I don't keep school a bit challenging.

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